Friday, April 22, 2011

The Sound of her Wings

Winds rise and fall, unbiased to its victims,

The empires rise and fall, indifferent as I walk through its ruins.

She was there, when I first held a child, when I first gave life back to the forgotten,

She was there, when I last saw the living, when I watched the final sins.

This hand grows sore, my cane splintered.

The days meld into one,

A timeless interplay of light and dark,

This mind grows weak, my soul severed.

I have walked for long,

So let her come, and I will greet her gladly.

This world grows red, its darkest alcoves plunged into light,

The twilight brings sanity to its brink,

A peaking burst of reason through the chaos of time,

This skin grows parched, my flesh rotten,

I have seen the death of gods,

So let her come, and I will greet her gladly.

This forsaken journey, devoid of reason or rhyme,

This ancient mind, full of bitterness and torment,

What has the world come to, that knowledge means agony.

So let it come, and he will greet it gladly.


  1. and the Sandman calls.nice,i really like this.

  2. thanks. and altho its completely open for interpretation ......just for clarity... this old man dude is supposed to be Hope...personified...and she...well you know who she is. :)

  3. ok now its makes it clearer...

    really good job on this,after reading it again.if you had made the Hope thing clearer,i wouldv loved should write a note,or something somehow,cus i liked it when i first read it,but Hope made it a masterpiece.

  4. hmm...anyways its open for interpretation so its fine....and now that its there in the comments i guess people will get it...

  5. As always, some very strong and interesting imagery. Some punctuation is a bit distracting and I hope you'll revisit this to work on a few lines. They seem a bit awkward, especially towards the latter half of the piece. YOu started out really well, but looks like you got lost a bit in the end. Or maybe, I am wrong and you got the desired effect. Especially like line: "the world grows red..."