Thursday, April 21, 2011


I blink through the dark grey haze,
Staring at the blurry shapes that watch me,
My silent lips begging for mercy,
As they whisper consolations incoherently.

Does it affect them because they care or do they care because it affects them?

I blink through the sinking sands,
Staring at the selfish reflections that are frowning,
They spare me a pitiful glance,
I pity their flawed minds that writhe around in the filth of their lives

Are they alone or am i of their kin?

I feel the tremors of the collapsing towers,
I smell the putrid smoke fill the sky above
I hear the wailing of my dying dream,
And i see the shape of this fucked up humanity,
Grow clear as a finger is dipped into the water,
An innocent taunt by an innocent child,
Before i drown completely.

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