Friday, December 2, 2016

Ravens and Wolves

There she is
standing,glimmering in the sunlight
or is she the sun,lighting up the world around her,
unaffected by the morose reality she inhabits
even as the whole world conspires to hurt her,
the sun catches in her eyes,auburn lights
shine as she drowns in lies and promises that were made to break her,
open wounds made to suffer postmortem humiliation
under scrutiny of judgement incarnate,
infallible under unforeseeable circumstances,

the tragedy of Icarus and his wings bear down on the sun
too bright to be reigned over,
hubris over the indomitable no mortal can claim the horizon
here falls Icarus and there she stands,
and still hopeful that she can find a better tomorrow,
where she is not naked and brandished in streets of hypocrisy,
stoned and jeered by the cross she chooses to bear,
driven mad by her knowledge and perspicacity,
and still choosing to smile through it all,
choosing to believe that the fractured skies will heal one day
and she will find her own happiness on her own terms
or be absolved