Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Chameleon

He is a chameleon
Ever changing, never himself

The Arrogant Red

The swagger he carries
Portrays his insolence perfectly
Overflowing with vanity
Concealing his humility

The Humble Green
He could be obedient
Respectful as well, and
Though he seemed hesitant
In truth he was just indifferent

The Indifferent Brown
He was a loner at times
Unconcerned, distant, detached
He was forlorn, I swear
Yet for some he did care

The Caring Yellow
The Excited Blue
The Romantic Pink
The ...

Was it all a hoax?
We may never know
For what his true color is
He does not show
Drop the veil son, they say
Be the true you
But no.

He is a chameleon
Ever changing, never himself.

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