Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All in a Smile

The walls around me,bleak,
speak of sorrow,forgotten.
Forgotten by all save for those who suffer.
Tonight,i suffer too.

She was pristine,perfect.
Telling me of better times,
when the sky was not as dark,
when it felt good to be alive.
Why do you suffer with me?

The darkness calls,its promise of peace,
Veiled in lies,the darkness lies.
She is the light,so pristine.
So perfect.
Where will i be,when the sun strikes set?

It rips inside me,leaves me lesser,leaves me dying.
She holds me closer,
and the light breaks through.

And all you brought was a smile.


  1. "Veiled in lies,the darkness lies."
    This is best.

  2. grazie.

    oh and authors note.this was written while i was in the hospital,after undergoing surgery for appendicitis,and is an ode to she who was there.

  3. this is....very good.