Friday, April 15, 2011

The Intricate Mind Part 1

The Lies of Man,
The Truth in God.
The Con of Man,
The Lie is God.


  1. Is this open for interpretation?

  2. always is.

    be gentle,i am very bad with poems.

  3. this is a little hard to interpret,despite how simple it looks.when i wrote this,i thought of making this a little different,like a puzzle.a series of poems(obviously)which could only be interpreted with the help of this Key.would've been interesting.

    the first half,i wanted it to mean that man created prophets and miracles and tried to relate it to god,promising masses that they would find salvation and truth to all questions in god and religion. hence

    The lies of man,
    the Truth in god

    the 2nd half is obvious,the con of man is created religion and god etc etc. so there are no answers to be found in prophets, religion or faith.

    the series was supposed to follow the prophets through the ages,common in Judaism,Christianity and Islam,and most other religions of that particular region.i was going to start with Adam(The Intricate Mind part II-Apples and Oranges)and work my way from there.unfortunately,ive hit a dry spell,and try as i might,the words arent ive shelved this idea for now,to tackle it after more research on the matter and maybe after i develop myself more as a writer.

    Thank you.