Monday, July 25, 2016

Crystal Greed

Here upon this Rock I will burn and I will build
Raze your image,strike it down, for desires never fulfilled
Whorish decadence shall shine the Altar of Submission
Build it and They Will Come
To the Temple of my Ambition

You want to be the concrete that fills all the spaces;
You look down on my greed and dismiss all the races
that we run,pushing and pulling and running everyone down;
The whole in our hearts never filled by the paper crown.

Build a better world,save the green trace.
What do we have left but the wild goose chase?
Build a better world for all the little children
and let them bring it down,let them be the villain.

There was a white flag,draped in Red,
Soaked in blood of millions Dead.
Angry workers raised it up
"Comrades,let us blow it up!"

Burn it down and let it simmer
The yoke is gone but not our anger
No chains left to break or shatter
The fires gone,all's left are Embers

There was a pretty flower in her hair
A pretty girl and her dead eye stare
Love and Peace is all that's left
Love and Peace,we are bereft

This is what we have,this Perfect Imperfection
This chaotic madness that is our affliction
Is it so bad when theres so little to share,
I want every little bit that can be spared?

And more than that I want my greed sated.
My never ending thirst for greatness will remain unabated.
I want the world and will tear everything in my way
fading out is not an option when i can burn away

You see my God Complexity
Only feeds my infamy
Take a closer a look at the train
That's driving right into me

the tracks are rigged and the brakes are failing

my words hold truth but I'm clearly craven

i'm holding on,bare knuckles white

I would rather be dead than not be right.