Saturday, April 2, 2011


I sit alone,

Draped in the curtains of Reminiscence
Stitched a misty memory a time
Stained with wretched pride and pretense;
If only my broodings would cleave away
The failings that hold me in their sway.

So I hope.

I sit uneasily,

Resting upon the hill I’ve scaled alone
A throne Ive built of my fallacies
I gaze longingly at the sights below:
Twirling pathways of pleasing possibility
At each end a different person to be.

Yet, less unproven than the present one
Uncertainty is writ over my Decisions,
Never easy, the trail one chooses to run
I lament that in looking so far ahead,
The first stride, sadly, falls to dread.

Yet I hope.

I sit impotent,

With vain visions of ventures and victory;
Is the clenching of past splendor futile?
My words are no more gallant; so suddenly,
Rendering all Ive done harrowingly hollow,
I utter a valediction, to set a schism to follow.

And as I finally take the first step down
Alas, my kingdoms, they turn to sand;
My heart feels the foretaste of a frown
As their sifting whimpers of decay torment me
It is hard; but I only look ahead, to what will be.

And I hope.


  1. cant see too far ahead, not sure
    of where im heading.
    feeble lights, lonely patches; it's
    a game of stumbling, falling,
    rising again.