Sunday, April 17, 2011


I ran after him.My feet pounding on the soft ground as I tried to catch up with him.He looked back,his eyes red as the depths of Hell.My arms were swinging hard,trying to create more momentum,trying to catch up.

I could hear the wind whistling in my ears as I inched closer ,till i could almost reach out and grab him.

The Demon was fast,but i could sense its fear.I could always sense their fear,it was something almost primal and yet so human.

It turned quickly,dodging trees and rocks,trying to lose me in the underbrush,but I wasnt going to let it go.I had been watching this one for a while,tracing its movements,following it around,tracking it,waiting for the opportune moment to strike it down.

I am Gods Left Hand.

I knew what he was,though he might seem completely normal to you.I could see beyond his flesh to the Demon within.He was a monster and I will banish him from this Realm like every other one of them.They walk amongst us,flithy beasts,trying to corrupt us and destroy us,but their ilk will not survive for long.I will not let them.

He was running for the streets,to civilization where he would be safe.He was fast,and i was going to lose him.My bag was slowing me down,so I let it slip off my shoulders,and sprinted forward.I saw the wall up ahead.If it scaled the wall,there would be nothing I could do.I would lose it,and it would go on to maim some innocent life,filthy beast.

I am the Hunter.

I felt a surge of energy as I tried to close the gap,i felt the His touch,urging me forward,to do his will.I was nearing it,but would I be fast enough?

It reached the wall and leapt for the ledge.I was but a few steps behind it and now i caught it by the scruff of the collar and jerked it back.

I am His Vengance.

I dragged it back to the woods,I couldnt take it far.It was kicking and screaming but they always do.I didn have much time, we were at the edge of a park, and there was a good chance someone would hear us.I punched it in the face a few times to shut it up and then ran to get my bag.

My time was running out,i didn have long.I had to make this quick,and I usually love to take my time.i pulled out the Silver Cross.Bright in the dark,it glowed with a holy light.Bought from an antique store, it was as long as my forearm,heavy and covered in intricate design.I had used it several times before,and it had never failed me.

I am a Saviour

He was coming out of his daze now,so I had to end it soon,I had no time for the usual prayers and Holy Water rituals.I was sure now someone had heard us and the authorities would be here too soon for comfort.

I walked upto it and looked deep into its red eyes.I brought the cross in front of it but it barely flinched,filthy beast(was it Fear i saw?No only ANGER,HATRED).i brought the heavy cross down on his head with as much force as i could muster.i brought it down with great frenzy,hitting it again and again.It wailed into the night,but had no time to even defend itself.its screams were so primal but almost human.


Its blood tainted my clothes and cleansed my spirits as i bludgeoned it to death.It was almost done.I bathed in the white light that surrounded me,the Lords will has been done.

As the screaming sirens approached,I watched as the red from his eyes faded away,revealing the light brown underneath.

I am a Monster.


Local police late Tuesday captured a murder suspect wanted in the recent National Park slayings after a 911 call reporting screaming led them to them to the latest murder site.

Patrol units found Samuael James, 45, at 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, kneeling over the body,holding a cross, Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis said in a statement issued just before midnight.

Investigators have been searching for the Park Killer for over a year now.He has been known to use a heavy metal object to beat his victims to death.The latest murder of the unidentified victime would be number 6 in this string of gruesome murders.

James was arrested without incident and was taken to the Randall County jail, where he remains today. Further details about the arrest were unavailable early today,but sources say that the authorities expect a full confession for the murders of Ryan Lopez,19,Virginia Jackson,37,Allison Banner,26,Jack Mcgee,46 and an unidentified male,33.

"We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow"-Ted Bundy

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