Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just Another Day

Sitting on the stone bench, Anwar stared ahead. It was just another day- Anwar thought. Men and women walked about. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry.

Would she come ? He began to wonder. The afternoon had been hectic. In fact the whole of last week had been totally turbulent. Filled with mixed emotions now sitting in the railway station, he began recollecting the happenings of the last week. Ever since he broke out his love affair to his father, his life hadn't been the same. A weeping mother and threats from my older brother seemed minute compared to the treatment his father now gave him. His father refused to talk to Anwar, his father promised he would take every measure necessary to disrupt this relationship.

But Anwar had made up his mind. He had even decided what he was to do. He was even more pleased that Mary had readily accepted his offer. She was willing to leave her parents behind. She would come with Anwar , a new life.

Anwar's thoughts were interrupted abruptly by the noisy old woman who had just occupied the seat on the railway bench beside him. She was screaming into her phone. Anwar couldn't make out what she was saying. He ignored her, just as he had been ignoring the noisy Mumbai railway station the last half hour.

Mary's aunt had made arrangements for their stay in Chennai for a couple of months. Anwar was still doubtful. Though Mary had promised she was very much willing to do this, Anwar was still unconvinced. Just another week at work and we'll leave- he thought. Leave this city behind us and go ahead with our lives.

Anwar's train would arrive in ten minutes, at eight, he hoped it wouldn't be late. He had to get to work on time. Earn his last paycheck with a good recommendation from his boss.

His thoughts were again interrupted. Anwar could here gunshots. He looked around to see two heavily armed men walking with their guns firing indiscriminately. Anwar felt a sudden jab through his right thigh. Within moments he felt another bullet hit him square on his chest. His eyesight went dizzy. He could feel the pain, but what pained him more was the thought of Mary. How would she cope with this loss.
It wasn't just another day after all.
With that thought Anwar passed into the void.

There was pandemonium all around Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus that evening, 26 November 2008.


  1. Dude too awesome! i want it to continue! :D

  2. my honest opinion is that you had a good idea wasnt exceptionally different,but it was didn carry it through to its full potential,but thats just how i feel.