Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do you need to be fooled?

I am not the one, you would expect, to go to the audience
and say, it's just a trick
Most of them already know it.
But they want to be mystified. They NEED it.

The catch is, that even though the trick involves,
the audience, believing in it,
they are still fooled. For a short moment they believe,
and this gives them strength. Who am i
to say, it's not magic.

The trick is so good, that even if there is a logical explanation,
the audience, needing it to be real, ignores it.

In Ignorance there is Strength.

If they werent so, they would realise,
there is no magic, we are all alone. Weak.

Who am I the cynical rationalist, the unfortunate intellectual, the one who lives in a world with only ourselves and the darkness.

Who am I, to tell the audience
its just a trick ?

I can only curse the day I rationalised.

I am The Empath. And I Lament.


  1. Nothing else would really suit you better or describe you better.

  2. I love this. The magic simile is so beautiful and apt, it's hurts in its perfection. And as wonderful as it is on its, own, it would have looked better -- presentation wise -- in a prose format. That's your strength -- according to me -- to paint a perfect, composite picture in such few words. Envious!

  3. :). thanks. yea well wen i started off i wasnt much into prose. u can see that in "fields of clay" too. But im glad u got the simile.