Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Wonder

I dreamed a dream

Far, far away, stranded upon ice near black
The shadows, they whispered behind my back

I stumbled alone; I hoped for someone near
To drive the weak of my bones, rid me of this fear

Of the cruel sisters of Emptiness, Loneliness
Quiet Nothingness

But lo, that’s when I looked up and saw
Forces raw and pure floating o’er the tor

An eerie midnight gathering of Souls
Swirling spirits, nigh centuries old

Where the Lost Hearts warm themselves o’er the fire
Pearls in the dust; gleaming desire

A Fire in the Blizzard, Sanctuary for the Cold
The Dance of Life, by the dead we’ve buried in gold

And then a voice told me I was now part
Of Something more; there shone the warmth in my heart

I wonder

Do many Losts make a Found?


  1. "Do many losts make a found?" Outstanding. Again, very rock -- even Tull-ish, in parts. You're extremely talented, Wanderer.