Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mon Dieu

The sight of my child sucked all the life from me
Tears rolled down my face
"What have I done O Lord, to deserve this." I asked
I waited in silence
I heard no reply.
She awoke, the drugs in her system wearing off
She looked at me expectantly
Hoping to find the face of a joyous father
Finding instead eyes filled with loss
She asked me "What's wrong love?"
She heard no reply.
My daughter, our daughter had been born still
I had to tell her
Her eyes bore into mine, she had to know
"She was born dead." I said
I heard no reply.

I could feel her pain
She walked up to the open window squinting at the sun
She threw herself out of the window
I heard a 'thud' nine floors below
I ran to the window, screamed her name
I heard no reply.

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