Monday, August 23, 2010

Paradise Lost

He watched as the light, molten gold , faded to grey.
He watched as the gates, the gates that had been his to command, swung shut on his tormented soul.
He fell through the air, as paradise blurred and reality, horryifying reality burned at him.
He fell through the air, his body broken, his wings burnt, his soul twisted.
He screamed, as the fires of purgatory seared the remnant of him to nothingness.
He screamed, not for the pain that he felt, but for the pain of paradise lost.
Pity Him, for I am he.
Call me Ishmael.


  1. Kicking asses all around.

  2. you really choose this for an intro.
    really good.

  3. Strong. But something's amiss. I don't know what. Also, you could be picked up for minor plagiarism :P I like. Lots.

    (p.s. my word verification is "ovatomp". i thought it had a nice ring :P. you guys should consider doing away with it. blogger weeds out the spam pretty efficiently without the word thingy.)

  4. Well, I doubt Milton's going to object.
    Don't you?
    You'd think being bones and dust would make it hard to file a lawsuit. Not these days though.