Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dies Mali

The Greeks believed there were two days, two days each month which were unusually very unlucky. The seers couldn't predict these days. You would know only when dawn broke the next day. These two, evil days were called the Dies Mali.
On hindsight Its obvious that day was one of the Dies Mali. But again how would I know?

The Eloctrocutor. That's what the press called me. I liked it. It had a nice ring to it. I am a man who derives pleasure from electrocuting people. They never survive. I don't stand and watch them die. I leave knowing I am the cause of their doom. My life which is supposed to be mine to control was never such. I have always had someone else make decisions for me. I never had the power of choice. Never.
Just before I send electric currents through my victims body, I always, always asked my self this question- Should I or Should I not. My answer was always yes. But asking that question gave me a choice, something I rarely experienced.

That day everything went out as planned. I picked this lonely bachelor who lived a street from my new residence. His quite nature meant he would have few or even better ,no visitors, making my job a whole lot easier.

I left as the clock struck twelve. The night was on my side. I just had to blend with my powerful ally. I made my way to his building. Picked his lock. Everything seemed awkwardly quiet.I checked all his rooms, he was asleep. The room was very stuffy, very humid. Which was unnatural the season being winter.

I unzipped my pack. Carefully placing 'The Killing Machine' , My fancy name for the wire which I place on my victims feet. The wire that would send such chasms rippling through their body such that their heart would stop beating. I found a socket and plugged the wire in. Taking care not to wake him up I placed the open ended wire on his feet. Walked up to the socket, Switched it on.

Fifteen minutes later I hit my bed. Sweating from head to toe. The job complete, I couldn't wait to find out how many people this victim would gather outside his house. Would the press be there? With these questions still ringing in my mind I fell asleep.

I woke the next day , the sun hadn't risen yet. A cold winter day , the sun would rise only by nine.

Something about this particular episode troubled me. My head asked me questions. What if the man woke up would he cry out , would someone here his cries and save him? Or will he have a slow painful death? .I decided to take a walk and check on my theories. As I entered the street I saw a couple of police cars outside the house. Ahh I thought , everything went as planned. How long before he died was the only question on my head now? Putting on my cool face I casually walked by the cop standing outside the victims residence. I innocently asked him "What's going on officer?"

You could see dawn breaking a splendid view. The screw replied "Nothing much lad, The man who lives here woke up this morning with an electric wire on his leg. Its a good thing he hasn't paid the electricity bill in a month".


  1. HAHAHAHAHA i so wasnt expecting that end!
    i thot it was gonna be one of those dark endings, but this just KILLED it :D

  2. Fail dude. Even something as outlandish as him leaving a wax doll on the bed would have been better.
    Good piece though.