Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The Thought Train has Derailed.

Afloat on this notably large but astronomically insignificant sphere, we rush through the abyss.
'We are picking up speed Captain '.
Yet of all the things we can hold on to in this coarse ride, this ludicrous bunch grips on to the slipperiest of things in the known lacuna,'Time'. They try to wrap and fasten it around their wrist, this ignorant lot. 
The last thing I want is to be restricted by this flimsy entity. I'd rather be restricted...nay...directed by sentiments. Sentiments are subjective thou. But imagine sentiments powered by rationality. 
Imagine if reason did prevail...

"Hold me closer", she whispered into his left ear. He slid his arm across her back till his fingers hooked on to her hip. "It's awfully cold today", she said clenching her jacket and facing the peak winter freeze. He smiled at her and nodded in agreement.
"I can't take this cold anymore, won't you do anything to make me feel warm?". 

He smiled again.Kissed her forehead. Steady slid his right hand inside his jacket pocket and pulled out a jet lighter.
"I hope this helps darling", he said with a smile of everlasting affection.
And sets her jacket on fire.
She smiled back as she was slowly combusted by his love.
(Hold the tears)

Only when you accept your insanity can you be considered to be sane. Such is the nature of being. Since everything, including your thoughts will one day dissipate into nothingness. For entropy is the only true God.
And all this is just a ride.

Hi, I'm Cheshire.

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