Friday, April 11, 2014

A little toe tapper if you will.

A little while ago Cheshire was asked by a local DJ to write sample lyrics for a song he wanted to produce. Since the Cheshire is not an avid fan of the EDM genre, he was unaware of what electronic dance music lyrics really went like. What kind of themes do they even follow? They just seems to be vague synonyms of fictitious euphoria. Nevertheless , the DJ mentioned he wants the song to revolve around general happiness. pfft..
"Uhh,sure.I'll try to write something...."

Please use this picture as a visual aid for the lyrics.


Over the water
float on my reflection
under the dusk light
she longs for affection
a sense of relation

Hazy shadows drawing the line
a burst of excitement 
trace your self with the sunlight
it's ecstasy, you fall behind.

Nothing you need can let you be
trailing along the narrow sea
she's still barely afloat
barely needing to be free

They hold her down to the ground
in a soft love painted room
but in this one of the many bends.
it's all smiles with a crooked  end.

*music plays*

So basically it's a song about a woman who seems to be in a scenic location staring into what seems like euphoric contentment . But it's just her way of mentally escaping into her happy place while in reality she is in a brothel being held against her will and forced into non-consensual sex. 

*music still playing*

Not every EDM song lyrics relate to anything specific, just circling around the refusal to recognize the existence of unpleasant realities. But the Cheshire thought, " Not this one".

*music blaring*

"Now imagine people dancing to it...."

*crowd cheering*

(Needless to say, the song was never made)


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