Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Champagne Shimmer

Big Lights Glimmer,
Champagne Shimmer
Melt away your Face

Move in Closer,
Caress that Trigger
Let me Blow you away

Cocaine Dreams and Ecstasy,
Facebook Posts and just one more Selfie

Words all Slurring,
Old Monk Preying,
Drown in Debauchery.

Hash tag, places,
Updated Status
and now accepted Socially.

Now your smile is plastic,
but all askew
Just drop another needle
and maybe they'll like you.

Till then,Follow me
Through the Champagne shimmer
and lets find that Promise,
That Shine,
That Hope...
And lose our way back home.

So I Hold You Closer,

Beautiful now,more than ever
But You know Me.
If all else fails,
All I wanna do

is Burn


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