Saturday, April 12, 2014


This is not a work of fiction.

This is me talking to you,reader.


I'm alone and i have no one else to talk to.

And I'm afraid.

Let me start from the beginning.

I moved into this house about 3 years ago. I was trying piece my life back together after a collection of bad decisions.I needed a fresh start.I looked at a few houses,but time was short and money was i settled for a very old and dilapidated flat,just outside a slum.I moved in by myself to make sure I wouldnt revert back to my old lifestyle.

The house was old,twenty odd years,give or take.And it was quite creepy.My friends didnt want to come over despite it being close by college and comfortable.The furniture was as old as the house itself,though bits had been renovated.

The first thing I had noticed was this black doll hanging from a nail above the door. Being as atheist as they come,I got rid of it.I didn't do it to incite some response from the other world, it just was just very creepy and disturbing. It had gathered dust and had this tiny white smile which I couldn't stand.

So I threw it away.

The second source of the chills that are doing the two-step on my spine is a large black pot with a white cloth covering the mouth.It sits atop my kitchen shelf.I've never seen whats inside and I never will.

Now the house had a reputation for being creepy. A few weeks after moving in a friend dropped by and was shocked.See he knew the previous tenant.An old classmate of his used to live in the same apartment.

He used to be normal. But two years after staying in this place and mouthing caressing the trigger to that Ganja Gun,he had mentally deteriorated.Paranoia had set in.

I was cynical.

I laughed it off and didnt give it a second thought.

Now this where it gets weird.

The regulars will know from reading some of my previous works, a very long relationship I was in came to an end recently. I was affected by this deeply. The woman was a source of light in a very dark place.With her I was different.There was no more darkness in me I had to channel.

Bane had been banished.

With the end of that,my darkness consumed me again,caressed me in its sweet embrace,welcomed me back into its bosom.I plunged into its icy waters and drowned in its viscous pool of hate,fear,pride and celebrated my despair.

But things changed,Reader.

It became too dark.

It started around 10 days ago.One night as I lay in bed,I heard a loud thud.A big thick hardcover book of letters Jawaharlal Nehru had written Indira Gandhi had flown off the shelf and landed halfway across the room. I was puzzled but my mind insisted there must be some rational explanation.

A day or two later,while i was eating a bowl of Maggi I got a call and placed the food into the microwave.20 minutes later,I open up the microwave and the smell overcomes me.As I force down the rising bile and close the door,I steal a glance.There mustve been a hundred maggots crawling out of the bowl.They were reaching into the air for sweet escape. This incident shook me,but I chalked it down as just another side effect of the clean life I lived.I resolved to change things around.I cleaned everything in the house twice over,scrubbed the microwave clean and promised myself that this wouldnt happen again.

Three nights ago, I was pacing around my house, studying for my exams.It was past the witching hour,when no one else is there on the internet to throw me off.As I walked past my kitchen I heard the sound my very heavy gas cylinder being dragged against the floor.It lasted for around 4-5 seconds.The sound is unmistakable.

Are you wondering what dragged it,reader?

Well I didnt stick around to find out.

Yesterday morning I bought one of those Scotch-Brite scrubs to clean the dishes.While scrubbing a plate last night,I was shocked by a most foul and rotten stench.I looked down at the plate and there were dozens of maggots crawling out of the pores of the scrub and onto my hand.

I don't know where this is going.

I'm writing this here because I feel so very alone.

In three years living here,ive never felt this way.

The only thing that has changed in my life is her.

I feel eyes on me.

The sound of the phone ringing,and I break into cold sweat.

Fear has taken me.

A voice on the other end,explains everything.

There is no way out.

I can never leave.

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