Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Tower at the End of the World

Red skies unfurl, velvet light beckoning:
A scathing storm shriveling where it meets the Heavens;
He did not know whether come the day of reckoning
But there it stood, the Tower at the End of the World,
Reaching out to touch him, fingers twirled.

Silent symphonies resonated in Mind’s Eye
Strumming through his heart’s faint beats;
Faith in view of Mystical sight, Nature’s Cry.
The Reaper of his dreams, ‘twas playing with him;
Deliver the taunting closing hymn.

Meet me at the Tower at the End of the World,
Said the girl, the Girl in his vision. Faint as she was now,
He saw her smiling, as she always did in dazzling swirls:
Ah, whimsical wandering wayfarer, come undone
This force cannot; your Journey, it has just begun.