Friday, October 15, 2010

Glass Cages

Unspoken words were never truer, the Walls echo,
Whispering: There’s Silence, bridged it cannot be;
Run back, there’s a hush haunting her frail halo
Loud enough to break her brittle heart.
See the Glass cages; built till death do them part.

Perhaps one day she may walk, be free at last
Free from The Man Who Would Not Speak;
He’ll face the answers; Consequence stalks his past.
(But don’t you let those tears drop and shatter)
Happiness is one to pretend for; for Nothing’s the matter.

(How can you live in this crumbling  House of Rust?)
Perhaps one day he’ll writhe in the cobwebs he’s twisted himself in.

But for now, she waits.


  1. "There's a hush haunting her frail halo" This line is pure genius. Stunning.

    I am not sure of the rhythm of this. But it works well as verse libre.

    This is an entirely personal preference and as someone who used capitalise certain words in my poetry, I know where you're coming from. But it's still distracting. For me, the only places the capitalising worked was in "The Man Who Would Not Speak" and "Consequence.."

    Well done.

  2. Thank you!

    Hmm..Perhaps not that many words should have been capitalized.

    The rhythm isn't all that clear-cut, I agree.. But I didnt sacrifice directness for the sake of it.