Saturday, October 9, 2010

He Who Hears All

They moved in the night
Not so silently, for they feared none.
Destroying all in their wake, they wreaked havoc
They moved as one, they killed as one.

The behemoth army had risen
And we were all doomed.

Traversing great distances in minutes
They destroyed legion after legion
The massive giants cast enormous shadows
The shadows themselves drilled fear into men
We did not dare look at their faces.

The behemoth army had risen
And we were all doomed.

The human armies were no match
They tried hard, Fought hard
It was futile, for the Giant army was strong
Invincible, Godlike.
We threw everything we had at them
We lost all our best warriors
Palladins, Knights, Sorcerors
They failed
Not one giant succumbed at their hands.

The behemoth army had risen

And we were all doomed.

Those who survived
Cursed the holy one
We blamed the invasion on the gods
We assumed he would hear us
Insults do not escape ears.

A miracle was what we needed
A miracle was what god gave us
He sent us a knight, Strong of body and mind
A warrior in a suit the color of the night.

He descended from the skies
He rained arrows at the giants
The missiles pierced their hides
The giants fell as one, they died as one.

The behemoth army had fallen
We were not doomed after all.

We cheered the Black Knight, he was our saviour.
We bestowed him with all our riches
And pledged eternal loyalty
We loked expectantly at our saviour
He looked back at us
His steely eyes gave him away
His voice was like thunder

"Curse me will you ?
Puny humans you will rot
I will crush you now as i did them
I will do so, For I am god."

And yet again we were all doomed.


  1. This is good work, grammatical errors here and there, strong *of* body and mind, and there are a few places where the rhythm is kinda disrupted because of a slightly jarring sentence...
    But all in all good shit.
    Better than anything else you've done I might add....

  2. I like it this way. though i thought i had written 'of' my bad.

  3. nice one i like it