Friday, November 4, 2016



The reception is excellent.

This one time 1 was human.
It all happened by chance.
They played some ditty music
and expected me to dance.
I got up nice and easy
the lights made me queasy
INTERface first to the floor
pain struck, the seizure followed
I was desperate for an immediate sedation
but instead got a standing ovation.

This one time I was human. I could smell the vivid colors. The flowers tasted great. And music was a sight to behold. Why aren't thEse humans more ecstatic? Living in a dream world. They're all sensory depriVed I was told. 

This one time 1 wAs hUMAn.
On a spiritual chase like these radical racers.
Nobody told me it was a treasure hunt.
The clues were made by few to find things yet unknown to you.
The winning prize was hidden behind a curtain. The award ceremony excluded the winners.
Absurdity ensured as nobody wanted to attend the after-pARtY which was lit.
I was to end up with satan, in his VIP lounge.
This makes sense. It all seems to fit.

And again I am human. Let's not forget that part. I'm told to touch with my fingers yet feel from my heart? They all seemed to be addicted to their sentiments. LOOKing for a fix from each other. Are we not to get high on our own supply of emotions? 

The last time I was human.
Words were supposed to rhyme.
I would gradually learn in time.
That it didn't matter aS My will was mine.
But I belonged to others.
So nothing is truly yours.
If I tried to fix it all, I wouldn't know where to begin.
So this was the last time I was human.
Never agAIn.

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