Wednesday, November 9, 2016



The voices say the same thing as they claw their way back in
A never ending chorus singing songs that reek of sadness
Is all they seek
And in me
They found it
A never ending carousel, im spinning and hurtling
Through the ways that you led me,the paths that you showed me
The bread trails drying,dying,decaying
I'm lost,too deep in to find my way out again

Seeking for a reason to give this pain meaning
probing for the cause and its all self explanatory
on this exploratory mission
i'm missing the stop sign and this roller coasters barreling
slow down son,doctors orders

But I'm crawling deeper inside myself and searching for another meaning for life itself
The answers are not what I seek I want the lies to come back and find me
I want my never ending company to never go away
I want all the voices to console and comfort me,I want them to stay
I want to be lost right where you left so you know where to find me

Put me back together so I can cut you up again

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