Saturday, November 12, 2016

Structured Destruction

freud toyed with idea of cutting the noise in our heads
mothers and boys, attaboy, having sex in a metaphorical bed

drop dead at the idea that your dad could be your girlfriend
bloodshed sincere cus dads reign has got to end

shakespeare had it right when Hamlet had a bite
let fear take flight on this midsummers night

apple of the eye painted with purple dye
fly in the eye when crab-apples are all you can find

caught 22 times thats messing with my piece of mind
one more lie is just gonna make us unwind

mind your step the next ones a doozy,a floozy
the girl sitting right next to me,tells me ive got to read HP

The call is nigh the darkness is creeping by
im left beside all the regrets i left behind

me and my innermost thoughts and desires
open interpretation if you've brought the pliers

and the liars tell me that my hearts still beating
how can that be true when im not feeling

anything can inspire if you're a willing buyer
cash on the table and my soul is for hire

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