Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Messenger

He rode hard, his fixed on the journey ahead
His clinquant cloak flowing behind him
His beast was focused
Obey the Master, it had to

He was focused
His Belief was strong
He did not complain
Obey the Master, he had to

He'd been riding for years now
His message had to be delivered
There was no stopping now
Obey the Master, he had to

Men were giving up on the Master
He had to stop that, he knew he was late
But the message would be delivered
Obey the Master, he had to

Humans would welcome him
He would be their savior
But he knows, to the Master
He will always be just
The Messenger.


  1. a question,is this a Jesus-God reference,or am i reading only the surface of it?

  2. I'm getting the same vibe off this too.
    By the way:
    his *eyes* fixed on the road ahead
    1st line typo.
    All is good.

  3. I'm gonna reiterate what I told you online.

    You could have polished this a lot more. This had potential. Couple of sentences sound... well, disjoint. The whole piece needs to flow a bit more.