Monday, May 23, 2011

By The Light of The Moon

The Gibbous Moon

The Secrete lies in Insanity

The Gibbous Moon

Have you found my mind,Dear?

Stares, never ending, Hallways,everlasting
come inside,have no fear...

Do you hear the laughter,Cold and High?
Children play,with Secrets and knives.

There stands a Man in the field,
His eye are white ,his soul is Black.

He stalks you now,his Blade is Sharp,
tainted by Evil,born of Misery.

The Trees have grown Dark, Menacing,


Enveloping the Darkness.
Trapping it inside,as it Festers and grows.

The Gibbous Moon,

The Dead,entombed in Darkness, sleep Light.

The Gibbous Moon,

Dive into the NIGHT.

The Gibbous Moon,

The Haunting has now Begun...

1 comment:

  1. How? How do you make something sound so chilling with such simple words?

    And, nice work, varying the fonts. It's pretty effective.