Saturday, December 25, 2010


Pain has been a part of me for far too long now. It engulfs me. It feeds off of me.

And Pain has a voice. A steely, hoarse and demanding voice. "Burn" it said, commanded. Burn I did. I burned down an entire forest. I watched the fire dance around. It was beautiful.

The pain did subside a little. A little. But it never left. 

It spoke to me. Still does. But I don't mind anymore. I ignore the pain. It tells me things. It tells me, fire will give you salvation. Fire is the answer for everything. You should hear Pain talk, it's very convincing. It says "We all have that wick in our head. All we need to do, is ignite it."

To get to heaven, I will have to burn. The gods will save a place out there for me. If the rest of them knew that fire pleased the gods. The world would be, in flames.

I sit in prison, waiting. Waiting. I have waited for years now. They let me out in a few days. And when they do. I will burn again. Pain will leave me when I die.

But till then I will burn.