Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Raven Song

The journey from Therinsford to Carvahall was long and tiring. I kicked my heels into Sticks, urging the tired beast into a gallop. I could see a dim outline of the village of Carvahall. I got down from the horse, tied it to a nearby tree and made my way into the town. The absence of sound or movement in the village gave the entire village an eerie feeling. As I approached Morns tavern the silence was eaten up by loud voices, laughter, songs. I was early.

I entered the tavern and found a seat in the far corner, Tara, the innkeepers wife, came up to me and took my order. I noticed a sign of surprise on her face. Strangers were uncommon in Carvahall at this time of the year.

I saw him, he sat at a stool in the middle of the room.

I patiently waited pretending to have fallen asleep, I knew he would not start this early into the night.


The cheers woke me up. Id fallen asleep after all. There was quite a crowd in the middle of the tavern. It had begun.


As soon as he opened his mouth, I knew I was right. I had found him. But I wouldnt interupt him. I would wait.
"You lot, are the lucky few." he said ."Not many have heard this one, The raven song. My death would be iminent anywhere else in the empire for even mentioning her name." He stood up, raised his voice and began just as the lady served me bread-It was many, many a year ago
In a place not so far away

There was born a maiden
Whose name, I shall not say.

She was to be loved, by all and one
Atleast thats what they did say
And so grew that maiden
In that place not so far away.

One day there did come a man
Whose name I shall not say
And he took this maiden
To a land far, far away.

This man was arrogant and angry
He was such throughout the day
But so deeply in love was the maiden

That against him nothing she would say

She did give birth to a boy

A boy whose name I shall not say
She was forbidden from seeing him

She would cry for him everyday

This maiden was forced to do things
She would kill, slaughter and slay

And even though she hated it
She would not disobey.

Then came a day
A day much like today....

He stopped the song abruptly. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. He stared at me. I turned to face him and noticed his eyes, they showed recognition. He remembered me! My place in history was set now. The Varden would be reward me greatly. I had found him. The weilder of Undbitr, The bane of Morzan, Our last and only hope- Brom.


  1. Loved it! The song was especially beautiful!

  2. I take back whatever I said about your writing talents that might have involved connotations of lack of talent.
    In other words I was dead wrong.
    This is really good stuff dude, I mean SERIOUSLY good stuff. You've got a knack for writing songs and the like. Keep writing like this and we'd own the Tribune.

  3. *scratches head.....for alot of things...

    but anyways.....still definitely ur best....

  4. I believe that this is from the eragon Inheritance its really impressive must say Paolini himself would have been impressed keep writing Zero u have lot of potential just so u no you are being watched and viewed by some very important people

    And as for the Empath it seems you do not know know how to admire certain works it looks like u have no clue why u are even here you think really highly of yourself let me tell u this we have dealt with likes of you...you must be a horrible person in life we ll be surprised if u actually have friends in your life

  5. I say suck my balls who ever u r ...u do not INSULT thy GAY partner empath we both r more successfull in bed together than u in yor life...SO SUCK R COCKS TOGETHER :)

  6. I'm gonna point to the above comment to say that its not me.
    Some useless, lifeless, jealous and probably friendless person filled with envy for everything that I have and who wants to be me, has hacked my account and continues to do so.
    So any random remarks made by me that seem to involve gayness between me and The Empath, please do ignore.
    And to the hacker- I pity you, cause you have no talent for anything except staying in your mother's basement and beating off to tranny porn.
    Rot in Hell.

  7. Oh wait, he hasn't hacked it, he's just published the comment under the same name.
    hahahah, you aren't even good enough to hack an actual account.
    You should just kill yourself and get it over with, cause no one's gonna miss you.

  8. and also to the Press.
    Who the hell are you?
    This guy's an author on this blog, who's written some amazing pieces. If he has a high opinion of himself, he deserves to. And nowhere in his comment has he said anything about this piece being bad. He merely stated he was confused by some things.
    And FIY, he's my best friend, and not to mention he's rounded third base. Which I bet is a far sight more than you can say, seeing as the vacuum cleaner doesn't count.
    So get a clue, or get the fuck off of our blog, kapische?

  9. this has reached whole new levels of confusing to me. i shall stop scratching so as to avoid too much hair fall and instead say this.
    @ the press.
    are u like....high?...or sumtin..
    i mean..all i did was scratch my head...cuz some stuff wasnt clear..and then i said that its his best. lemme make it clearer. ( sigh*...dunt know why i am bothering)

    1. I said thers stuff thats unclear. not an insult. in fact. its blatantly humble of me to declare that i didnt understand a part of sumtin that he wrote. showing people that i am incapable of understanding.

    2. I complimented it saying that its the best hes written.

    for those who cant read very well. thats one insult to me. and one compliment to him.
    so as to how u got all that stuff abt me being horrible and all....
    man...are u like...high?...

  10. ironic how, as an outsider and commenter, u tell me, a contributer to the blog, how i have no clue as to why im here. ( i wud start jotting down points for that too...stuff like no.1. I can use punctuation marks...u dont seem to know what they are... etc etc..but thats getting draggy.)
    but u judging on one sentence that wasnt even slightly insulting abt how i have no friends and abt how im a horrible person. honestly speaking thats like so absurd and cosmically judgmental that i can only conclude that u were high when u posted that.
    so now the question remains...were u?..
    or are u still high and gonna post another overly biting, pointlessly dramatic response to my above points.

  11. Hey Press I appreciate your comments. But I really dont think you should jump to judging a person from one line. What if i say he has a lice infection ? Cheers man.

    As for the Ishmael Doppelganger, Who would wanna be sai ? No seriously ? Get a life man.

    Thanks a lot guys.

  12. look at the choice for a name ...'The Press'

    I liked the song, Zero though i really didnt get the rest (blaming myself for my illiteracy)

    Ishmael, why do i feel that the press and the fake ishmael r the same two people?

  13. hey look at that, you're not bad after all. cheers.

  14. haha man this is hilarious i mean by the comments....dude 'the press' whoever u r u shouldn jump to conclusion tho he is a stuck up bitch tat does not mean u can say stuff like tat....and wtf hu says he doesn hav friends as Ishmeal says he has gone to third base even tho its wid ishmeal they hav felt each other up.....soo u see they r best friends forever

  15. exactly....listen to what he says..


  16. u must be a pretty bored little fella.
    but think abt it. like just for a second..
    thnk abt exactly what ur doing here. dontcha think its a LITTLE lame?

    just a little?....i mean....saying all this thru "anonymous" comments......dusnt speak alot for u.
    and maybe uve done it before.....isnt it sad...that u havent ever had the balls to confront people abt ur problems with them?
    dusnt it make u....depressed? dont u feel inadequate?
    a little suicidal..
    is the window tempting u now?...the cool breeze calling out ur "anonymous" name?
    i wud suggest u listen to it. dusnt seem to be a life worth living.