Monday, November 29, 2010


The rush has died, sanity is mine once more
The smoke smothering the shards of my anger     
Some judgment tells me I’ve been here before
Right it may be; let live this loving languor

A lull, could it be?
Should I wait for the storm to take me?

Moaning seas twisting under a moaning moon
Help, they’re speaking, whispering to me
Showing me, like some forgotten, faded rune
The mind Id lost (in a moody whirl, maybe)

But I’ve realized it’s quiet when you drown
Masts and Decks withered and wasted
Peace in watching what was mine go down
Not realizing it was me, the one to be fated

NO, the thought, like poison, courses through
Tear free from sloths iron hold; I wake
And break the surface, stare at the ice blue
Ive broken the spiral; I will not crumble away.

A lull, could it be?
Now I wait for the storm to take me.


  1. ahh...i see the dragon has calmed....

  2. Hmm. I like the refrain, I like the consistency of image -- that is something I have to work hard on, so i appreciate it when someone else does it effortlessly. I am not getting the whole picture here though. Not idea-wise but language wise, seems a little stilted.

  3. Hmm. I didnt think it would be that jarring. I had done this in one sit through (which I never do usually) so that's probably be the cause.

    Appreciate the comment, though!