Monday, June 20, 2016

Dear Emily Part - Ni

"I'm in a situation"

Dear Emily...

I did it again. I got myself into a situation. Only this time, my life expectancy might be prematurely shortened by a body of viscous goo. I knew it was coming, I was sure of it. Here's the thing thou, the prediction fed my ego causing my messiah complex to empower all fear. Rather, it's a feeling of retrospection and nostalgia that tickles me. You might have only shown me how I could have prevented this perception. But you could have told me, if only you'd ever speak to me.

I am convinced that the cause and effect notion has already toppled the first domino. It's only a matter of time until I move to the next phase. The passage of an eternity that will last for an eternity plus one. Who would have thought that finding a cure for death only meant the birth of something worse?

Immortality for a fugitive can be a real pain in the ass. (Especially when you need to pull out the tracker implants from your lower back). I also learnt that real torture is no torture at all. I know this because I remember. I remember being lost in the Castonian wasteland for days until the main organs shut down and the auxiliary power kicked in.
No power to limbs, no power to facial muscles. Just your brain and your consciousness.

And I waited as my body deconstructed and then slowly reconstructed. The nano cell replacement system in top notch efficiency preventing any form of erosion. It is at this time I cursed mankind. I cursed the reach of man and his idea of betterment and sustenance of existence . Lying there, completely dead but in good health.

I know this time it won't be easy to find me.
But I know I'll be well rested.
Comfortable on the ocean bed for the endless slumber.
Without you, yet again...        

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