Thursday, December 25, 2014

Then Before,Now Once More

She is there,now.

She is always there.

My damnation.

My own screams fill the air,as I wake up.



Death is only the beginning.

I am in soil.

I am in dust.

I inhale my own decay as I watch myself shrivel and dissipate.


An Age.

I am Mourned.

I am Remembered.

I am Faded Memory.

I am Nothing.


I have stumbled upon something.

By true accident or by the machinations of the Gods,I have discovered something truly magnificent,

No,not the the Gods.This is their most terrible secret,their greatest strength.


In all my years,I have never seen such Magik.This tomb reeks of it,the very air is heavy with it.

The laborers are all dead.They had to be silenced.There was too much at stake.

It is only Adrienne and I now,she is my only companion,through the final steps of this journey.And a finer companion,there is none.In the outside world,we draw enough Magik from the earth for cheap tricks and conjure tiny flickers of flame from our finger tips.Here we are able to apply the old and Ancient schools,not just the elemental.

Already she is channeling it better than I.She managed to trap the workers in the anti chamber,sealed the doorway shut.

Graveyards always had more Magik in them,the departed life force seeped into the earth and festered there,but not enough,never enough.

But we found a way to get more, an unlimited amount.She taught me how,using the Magik in the tomb,we probed inside the anti chamber with our minds.And inside,in our melded conscious,we felt the floating tendril of a soul.We tugged,slowly and lightly,for that was all we could muster.

We tugged and it unraveled.

O What a feeling!The surge of energy,the power!We consumed it and were drunk on its infinite power!

We didnt need any form of sustenance for months!We grew fat in our aura,in the other plane.

But even as we grew in power,our bodies were failing us.Years had passed,Time showed us no mercy.

We turned to a dangerous path.

An older school.

Deep in the tomb,in the darkest corner,it came to me.Hidden within its walls.


We would reach into the Veil,and bind Death to our will.

The preparations are complete.


It is done.

The arcane ritual thrust into the emptiness of the Veil and bound death in its physical form,powerless and enslaved.

It took the form of a little girl,no more than eight or nine.Skin like porcelain,midnight hair.But her eyes were old and deep,dark with malice.

We told her the cost of her freedom and she laughed,high and screeching,it carried into the deep of the tomb and deep into my heart.I felt it clasp me and I felt true fear.

But she agreed,at the cost of a sacrifice.

Adrienne turned to me to speak,and I slit her through with my silver dagger. Her blood sprayed across the floor as she crumpled onto the ground.

Death laughed once more,she flickered and faded into the darkness.

A voice boomed in the darkness


I have been deceived.


It has been six and twenty years since that dark night.My time is coming to an end.I used my power to gain favor and money and women,but it has cost me much.

The mob gathers outside,they have heard much of things I have had to do to maintain my power.So many sacrificed.

Once I left the tomb,the Magik drained quickly.I was addicted to it,so I tried to get more.

Like a candle sputtering to the dark,I am Empty.

Death is only the beginning.

I will face her one last time.

I used the last of it.A dark,unnatural storm brewed outside.

I reached back into the Veil and cast upon this mortal plane,the Shadow of Death.

I wanted to laugh at her one last time,remind her that a mere mortal had such power over her.

The Ritual Circle flickered to life,as the Kings Men were banging at the door.

It burst open and I turned to see them charg at me.

I looked back to mock Death before she claimed me.

My own screams filled the room as I stared at her.Even as the axes and swords hacked and slashed at my mortal flesh,I couldn't take my eyes of her.



My own screams fill the air,as I wake up.

I have conquered Death.

I am more than Mortal.

I am a Damned God.

She is there,now.

She is always there.

My damnation.

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