Thursday, December 11, 2014


He woke up to the smell of her hair filling his lungs and the tickle of her soft hair against his lips.

He didnt want to open his eyes,he wanted this moment to last forever.

He smiled in his daze and wrapped his arm tighter around her,pulling her closer,not wanting to share her with the world.

She replied by elbowing him in the chest,breaking free and rolling back to sleep.

His eyes flew open to the dark room around him.There was nothing.

He closed his eyes again,screwed them shut and tried to will himself back to sleep.

Already the wisps of his dream were being blown away in the cold light of day.

Still,he reached.Grabbing at the nothingness as he squeezed too tight and it all faded away to memory.

He shook it off,the dust of sleep.

He got up gingerly.

He could still smell her hair.

He still remembered when he saw her.

As she stood at the doorway, with so many people around her.

As they all milled about going about their daily lives,and he couldnt understand.

Did they not see her? How could one look at her and keep walking? Curse the gods that brought her down,and set her amongst us.So far away from the heavens to which she belonged.

So many people,but for him there was only her.And she was perfect. Looking at her fa

This is so unhealthy for me.

I want to go on,and everything I want to say is so damn perfect. Every syllable could break walls and end lives. But I've come so far,done so much.

Sometimes I feel like i should just walk away.

But everytime I get too far,each step I take becomes heavier.

I am a drowning man,an anchor at my feet.And everytime,as i prepare for the cold bite of the ocean to fill my lungs,she breathes life into me again.

This is my fate.

I hate writing about love.


  1. maybe Bane needz a little piece of heaven to remind him that love haz more than one perzpective. the one thatz caught him in thiz vice iz not one that allowz for control.
    take control. i want to zmell zome blood.

  2. lol i came here to take down this self involved piece of shit