Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Come Lie With Me,O Darling
Embrace Evermore
There is a Door and Another Side
An Eternal Wait

Wash My Feet,My Darling
As I Hold your Head in My Hands
There is Dark and Then Light Eternal
Fear is for the Ordinary

Sweet Relief,Dark Respite!
The Cold Bites the Skin.
Hold your Breath,my Love.
As I push your Head In.

You Dance and Spin to the Tune
Of Eternal Damnation and Forever Ruin
Until You Leave me Behind
For a moment.

Now I stain the Water Red
And wait for a While
I glance and see the night sky
In your cold,dead Smile.

Drip by Drip,
I leave it all behind.
Why should We Fear Death,My Darling,
When there's Nothing on the Other Side.

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