Tuesday, March 18, 2014

As She Passes Me By

I was sad and alone.
Truly alone
When she found me.

She had no reason to help
To pull me
But she saved me.

We were together when it mattered
Together when we were alone
She cared for me

We were together in sickness
Through writhing pain
She healed me

I loved her for her smile
Her kindness
and for Her

But when it mattered most
When she needed to know
I couldnt tell her

When she couldnt see
How it felt inside of me
I couldnt show her

When she needed to know
Now most of all
I couldnt hear her.

Now someone else tells her
What she deserves to hear

Now someone else makes her
Feel truly special

Now,when shes gone
I can tell her

Now that she'll never know

That I could never be the one for her
But she'll always be the one for me.

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