Monday, July 13, 2015


Prelude Non-continuous

"I could drown on dry land" (Let that sink in)

A timid thought from a feeble mind.
It was anything but kind.
A little desire in a inhumane attire.
"Let's do that" concluded this fallen child of mankind.

Inflicting inconvenience birthed a smirk.
Insisting pain birthed a laugh.
Implementing his desire made him not give a fuck.

Like the time he hosed down that transformer.
With optimistic prime expecting a disaster.
Ain't no power to the people.
The power he thought should be with the capability 
of a higher being that should show no remorse. On committing the necessary evil.
See.Kill. Was a wild predictor instinct. 

"I'm not an animal"
No animal would break into a school dead in the night.
And burn all the records kept to decide the fates of our future.
No animal would be able to do that.
"I'm not an animal, I'm the imperative, the mandatory stat"

Punching an infant used to be a giggle of the past.
Now mixing cyanide in the water tank seemed a riot.
Along with the carcass of that dead girl Charlotte.

Charlotte was a deadbeat, who threw her pet dog out in the street.
Milo didn't deserve that and seemed offended.
'That's not good manners', thought  the sane man.
While he gutted her and the bad conduct ended.

Just another day in the life of the light-bringer.

*Turns off the light*

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