Saturday, March 21, 2015

Deaths Derision

Whisper,flutter in the darkness.
The sound of her wings.
Quiet as night,light as shadow

She steps out into the banished light
She bleeds out the heat from bones
She steps lightly

In the cold street,I savor my last
as she loomed over me
And a bright shadow was cast

I ask her for a chance,to stay her scythe
Bound by the Eternal
She must oblige

I tell her my tale,of woe and sadness
of disappointed people and unchecked madness

Of broken promises and shattered dreams
Of a life that pulled me apart by the seams

And all the while she stared unmoved
Her Dark mask,stayed unbroken and true

As I weep and sob and broke into the night
 she cast me up,and dragged me on my back

When she spoke,her high voice ripped into me
As her every word tore into and destroyed me

As she dragged me up from mortal plane
into being after death

"What does it mean it to be Death?
To be light at the end of your darkness
To be respite after pain,
To be the last lie

For I am the Nothing after life,
I am the bearer good will and bad news

I'm Superman,with the weight of Hope on my chest
I'm the final goodbye,the last caress."

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