Monday, October 27, 2014


You broke me
You made me invincible and you broke me
You took away everything I loved and you hurt me
Not because you cared but cus you could and that burnt me
You took your time and you looked hard but couldnt see
That all you were really hurting was you
And maybe me

So let me wrap my arms around you and keep you safe
From the world that wants you and me to fail
I was tied up protecting you from the world
Tied in protecting you from things that hurt
How blind was I,when I couldnt see
The only thing hurting you was me
Only me

Now the phone rings
You've got one last song to sing
Just when I stop and start to do my own thing
But you arent done with me,you've more pain to bring
Hooks so deep the scars burn bright as you pull and I cling
You need someone to talk to,to cry to,youve got to take one last swing

So I take my place in the firing line,cus thats where you need me to be
Always me.

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