Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thug Poetry

rat race,set place,im ready to go
cool face,gun cocked and ready to blow
boom vroom charge past your party line,
im never gonna get her back home in time
she says shes scared and she wants to go
take a look around girl this aint Kansas no mo'
this is infamy,my death to be,this is where i live
take a turn with me,drop burn with me and watch me spin
lock phasers,fire tracers,get em off my back
stunned faces,burnt bridges now theyre pulling me back
into the black
where they can tell me what to do
i fight back
i take back
i lose ground
i stand down
i stand up
they beat me down
im zoned out
im cloned in
im lining up
and they win.

They win.

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