Thursday, August 7, 2014


This my last emotion
This is all I have

I have laid it at your feet
I have spent it getting to you
Reaching out to you
Calling out your name
As the waves of Disappointment crash over me
Around me

This is my last emotion
I have no more to give
Tears hang suspended
Words caught in my throat
So much you need to know
Before its too late

Cogs and wheels,spent time
Days devoured,empty hours
I spent to much in the last straight
I felt I had but one chance
That only meant i was ever going to be too late

This is my last emotion
It is mine.
Mine to cherish,to hold ,to bury
There will be no more for you to take away
There is no more for me to give.

I have my Regret,
You have your Satisfaction.

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