Saturday, July 12, 2014


He is the one, who came in through cause and into effect
He is the sum of the past, and herald of the next

I am, the one to pause and will to differ
For I seek to act, because I will and no other

He is a mirror, a reflection for the masses
Tempered through the trials and tribulations of self-served classes
A spark for every resistance, a thought for every action
The instinct is the adversary, for who’s inquisition my every act is

I am the artificer, with chisel and vision
My thoughts the stone, formless before decision
I rend the unsavory and wait to listen
His cries of agony, in coerced transition

He is the shackle to restrict transcending flight
The soaring of mine, unearthly dreams
To hopes of free action and unmarred sight
and escaping the severed seams

We differ and dissent but never relent
For our thoughts are towards the common end,
To purge the queer and perfect the veneer
that feigns to make the world content

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