Saturday, December 31, 2011

Counterproductive Conscience

Okay, so he had a gun to my head.
' You would'nt wanna shoot me.'
' Why not?'
' Bad Karma.'
'I think you're forgetting that you're the bad guy here.'
'Am I now?'
'Yea you killed many people.'
'You are going to kill one.'
'Yes I am, but one that killed many people.'
'So does that make me a bad man.'
'Yes it does.'
'According to whom.'
'According to me and everything I believe in.'
'But what if everything you believe in is wrong?'
'It cannot be.'
'Why not?'
'Because Its what's generally accepted, the guy who kills many people is the bad guy and killing him aint that much of a crime.'
'So would you kill a police officer or a soldier then?'
'They had to do it to protect the rest of us, besides I am a pacifist.'
'If you are a pacifist and you do not believe in war then should'nt you kill those who commit it, because they are killing against your beliefs.'
He started and then stopped.
Then he spoke
'I should just kill you already.'
'Yes you should have, but now you have all the time in the world to kill me, you've got the gun, my last wish is to have a decent conversation. Surely a good man like you can grant my dying wish.'
'No, you are trying to confuse me and dampen my intention.'
'So your intent to kill is pretty strong?'
'My intent to kill you is.'
'But why would a pacifist want to kill so much?'
'Because scum like you should not be alive.'
'Why not?'
'Because you destroy lives.'
'You are about to destroy mine too, will you shoot yourself later?'
'You like to kill, but you dont because the world and the society dont allow it, so you take shelter under the idea of pacifism where you shield yourself from an oppurtunity to kill, because you are afraid that you might enjoy it. Fear propels your psyche to escape from situations that may create it.
Do you not think so? Think about it from an intellectual perspective.'
A slight tremor shook his arm as he cocked his gun.
' No' he said.
' If your urge to kill me has only increased after what I have said, it probably means that you see the truth in what I said, your psyche wants you to shut me up so that I will stop revealing aspects of your identity that scare you, because you diffuse your identity over all of humanity and you see this animalistic side to us, that you cannot tolerate. So I think its fair to say that killing me is the best way for your subconscious to vent out its lust to take away another's life. Perhaps it may also make you feel a little more powerful. So if by dying I can help you then go ahead kill me.'

I could see beads of sweat emerge from his forehead, as his pupils dilated to maximum as he grasped my words, his hands were shaking. The conscience was getting filled up like a bag, i figured that he would eventually crumble under the burden.

'Shoot me, I am done talking.'
'But you came here to shoot me.'
'No I wont, I am going to call the cops and wait for them to show up.'
'But isnt it wrong enough to want to kill a person?'
'So you came here, wanting to shoot me down and leave, because I was the only one that you had an excuse to kill, I was the bad guy. But now once I showed you your true nature you want to not kill me but you want others to do it, once again just to protect yourself, seeing that you are a man who does everything with himself in mind, even kill, why am I the only bad guy in this room?'

He dropped the gun and sat down, I walked upto to him, picked up the gun in my leather gloves and walked out of the room.
The man had suffered enough.

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