Monday, July 18, 2011

Her Smile

She entered the room, wearing her usual twin layered facade's. Her gaze flickered from face to face, doing her part as smoothly as ever. Not a second wasted, not a moment lingered.

Finally, her eyes fell on me, almost as if by accident. She glanced away before placing her reassuring eyes back onto me. I bit back down a smile, I sank my toes as deep as my shallow soles allowed. I am more than just an accident.

With a few nod's at the backdrop, she made her way to me. I pretended to be unfazed by her presence, by her apparently indifferent gait. I pretended to be as indifferent as her, to be above it all. I pretended to have no silent husks of anger and jealousy, irritation and maybe, fear.

And then she smiled.

Her smile. It sent this overwhelming burst feedback to my senses.It was like, every molecule in her body, radiated this undeniable, irrevocable flow of happiness, permeating to every corner of my body. Her eyes shone out like the brightest star in the midst of the blackened sky, her skin glowing with an aura of tranquility. It was like a bright torch that shone its concentrated light into the darkest parts of my heart, extinguishing all pain or grief, remorse or anger.
I felt liberated like i had never been before. Like every single wound and flaw, that littered the crevices of my battered mind was banished completely, cleansing my mind of anything impure, anything....human. Anything human, besides the burning desire to immerse myself in this angelic glow.
And then the moment passed, like a transient spark bursting between two doomed wires, leaving a vague blue shadow of its ghost.
And then she turned away, smiling at the backdrop, as if this incredible phenomenon was an insignificant habit she had developed over the years, a cheap trick for no one to learn, and for everyone one to appreciate.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to a person living or dead, if noticed means imma kick yo ass foohl!

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  1. *sigh*
    Life's cruel.

    There's such a shift in emotion here; it's incredibly done.