Saturday, June 11, 2011


When a coin is flipped, there are two outcomes. Heads, or tails.
An equal chance of two completely different outcomes taking place.
Unfortunately, reality bears little to no resemblance to a coin. For every action, there are a million probable outcomes, a billion consequences for each outcome.

And no I'm not talking about whether you choose to drink tea in the morning instead of coffee because that one friend of yours told you to.

I speak of real decisions. Things that make a difference.
I'm sure you've wondered.
What would have happened if you had made that one phone call to someone you'd loved and wronged?
Would they be beside you right now? An indelible part of your life. A place where they belonged.
Or would they?

I seem to digress, but the point I seek to make is this.
What would have happened if Jesus Christ, Proclaimed Lord and Savior of the Faithful Masses, had never been born?
Unimaginable. Intolerable. I must be burnt at the stake for even thinking of such a thing.
But in the mean time, let us be hypothetical.

It's fair to say that in such a case, Christianity would have never come into creation. And that Judaism would be the dominant religion in modern times. A reasonable assumption. For with no one to crucify, the Jews would have never been cast into the light of murderers and traitors that they had to suffer for centuries.

With no one to prosecute, Hitler would have never been anything but a painter. Perhaps a shoddy one at that. And not someone who shook the world to it's roots.

The Crusades would have never happened. There would have never been anything for armies to march across the world to rape, pillage and murder,
No purifying the Earth from the "scourge" of the Muslims in his name.

And leading into Modern Day, no demonizing of the Islamic nation. No reason for terrorism. No 9/11. No Saddam Hussein. No Osama Bin Laden.

If the Church had never existed, Galileo would have never been strung up for the simple desire of wanting the world to know the truth.
The list goes on. With no bit and bridle placed on science's progress, the world might have been a better place. We'll never know.

No Church, Catholic or Protestant. Another wall torn down.

Think on it yourself. There are so many ways the world would have been changed, but for the birth of one man.
Jesus Christ.

Reality bears no resemblance to a coin. But every once in a million tosses, the coin follows a third outcome.
It falls on it's edge.
With every waking hour, people foretell of The Rapture.
Judgement Day.
The Apocalypse.
Perhaps, somewhere in this slew of infinite possible universes that we call reality, the one we inhabit is that one coin?
Think on it.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I in no way intend to insult the followers of the Christian Religion by suggesting that the Church not existing would have made this world a better place. What I DO say is, that the world would be different. For better or for worse, we shall never know.


  1. that's a lot of responsibility on one person.

  2. ^all the same, its just a person...

    This was thought provoking and an interesting idea.cheers,keep it coming...

  3. We base our entire civilization on the birth of Jesus.
    Is it really so surprising?