Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Whispers - Part Dio

They walked together, hand in hand. Father and daughter. The king of the Greeks and his child. Her long hair flowing behind her, her feet taking each step so very softly, she was breathtakingly beautiful. She looked at Agamemnon and said "Where is he Father? Has he come for me? Are you taking me to him?". "He will come my love, but you must call out to him. Achilles will come to you when hears your beautiful voice. He will, of that I am certain." replied Agamemnon.

Agamemnon had to look away from his child, he could not bear lying to her. Lying to one as innocent as her, one who drank every word her father said, one who believed him.

But he had to, for the greater good. The dignity of Greece was on the line. They would hail him, as a true king after this. They would not question one who sacrificed his own blood to destroy the Trojans. The loyalty of the Greeks would be undivided now.

Iphigenia, my dearest. You must now pray,close your eyes and pray. Ask Artemis for Achilles and he will be yours.". Iphigenia did as her father told her. She knelt, closed her eyes and willed the goddess of the moon to give her, her hearts desire.

Agamemnon unsheathed his blade. Looked up into the sky, w
ith tears in his eyes, he screamed "I come for you, TROY" and struck. You could hear the dirt around him echo his words, in whispers.

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